Privacy Policy

We respect your privacy, and your personal information. Please read our privacy policy to familiarise yourself with it, and feel comfortable with how we handle data collection and retention.

  • Acceptance and Agreement - Ongoing usage of our website is considered to be agreement with our privacy and personal information policy.
  • Contact - If you have any queries, suggestions or other concerns please do contact us and we will do our best to address your concerns and get back to you swiftly.
  • Informed Consent - Your personal information is important. Because we respect this, we will always make you aware when we wish to collect information and give you the opportunity to refuse permission to share it.
  • Service Provision - Because we seek data only to provide services, this can mean a refusal to share information will prevent services from being fully provided. This might mean an inferior form of service, or that a service cannot be provided at all.
  • Data Retention - We retain data only for as long as necessary to provide related services. We hold such personal information in a safe way to help guard against the risks of theft, copying, alteration, and other forms of unauthorised interference.
  • Sharing - Only when legally obliged will we share information that could be used to personally identify individuals.
  • Third Parties - We may link to third party websites, but these are not under our control and we are not responsible for their privacy or personal information policies.